What're the Best Press On Nails? Get Salon Results w/ These!

What're the Best Press On Nails? Get Salon Results w/ These!

Getting your nails done makes you feel cute, put together, fashionable, and feminine, but did you ever think about how much money you're throwing away for it and that there could be a less expensive option?

Keep reading to learn all about the BEST press on nails, a perfect alternative for salon manicures that I stumbled upon while trying to find a way to maintain my looks but save!

I like them so much, I'll never go back to a salon again!



Getting your nails done has gotten to be SO EXPENSIVE nowadays! 

Average nail prices for services in the United States for a BASIC manicure cost around $23, but if you want long acrylic nails it jumps up to $46! So every month you're shelling out $92, which means one year of nails costs you over $1,100!

What's a girl to do?! 


girl is stressed because getting her nails done costs so much - living a sweeter life blog

Incase you're thinking that having cute nails is worth spending all that money, let me show you some other things you could be doing with that instead.

  • Take a nice, long 9 day vacation to Disneyland at $117 per day.
  • Enjoy a 7 night cruise for two leaving from Louisiana and visiting the Caribbean at $547 per person.
  • Go skydiving 3 times at $375 or less per jump. 

I don’t know about you, but spending my money on all that stuff sounds way better than throwing it down the drain ONLY to have my fingertips look good.

After doing the math and realizing how much money I was basically wasting, I became desperate to find a way to save but still feel good about how I looked, and that’s when I found the best press on nails:

Find the perfect option HERE.

I was deterred at first because I was so used to salon quality nails that I thought basic press ons wouldn't hold up to my standards, but I decided, "What the heck" and gave them a try anyway. Since then I haven’t looked back, and I guarantee if you try them you’ll love them too!



I knew these ballerina nails were perfect for me since the first time I tried them out. Even after wearing many more sets since then, each time I put them on, I continue to be impressed and am now CONVINCED these are the best press on nails out there.

If you're addicted to salon manis, you need to make the switch to these today and here's why:


kloe Kardashian says that long nails give her energy - living a sweeter life blog

It doesn’t make me feel very beautiful or womanly when I look down and see these stubby child-size fingers.

Do you have this problem too?

I just feel way more confident and feminine when I have long nails on, and so I used to pay the expensive price of going to a salon because
 I thought that the ONLY way I could get long nails was through a salon

Any time I looked for an alternative by checking out the press-on nail options at Target or Walmart, I NEVER saw any long styles. All the options were short and rounded. Plus, they looked very cheap and VERY fake. 

press on nails that look real  - living a sweeter life blog


I could never find my preferred style until I found this set which is when I was able to get the EXACT length, shape, and color that I had been searching for the whole time.

Wearing the best press on nails for wedding anniversary pictures - Living a sweeter life blog

Wearing these ballerina nails during my anniversary photoshoot. 

This meant I wouldn’t ever need to go to a salon and pay a hefty price tag again!


One reason why I used to like getting my nails done at a salon was that the artificial nails they gave me were crazy durable, and I am VERY tough on my nails.

I’ve always heard that nail polish should last at least one week or two, but I’m so rough on my manicures that the tips always looked bad after a measly three days.

Are you rough on your manicures too? Tell me I'm not the only one!

That’s why I knew I needed something that I didn’t have to paint but would come already in a cute color, and something that would give me tough nails like what I’d get in a salon

the best press on nails in our popular red wine shade - living a sweeter life blog


Beautiful looking but still durable (I'm wearing our Red Wine shade).

I knew I had found the best press on nails when I was first wearing this set and trying them out.

I had just finished chopping up some food for dinner only to look down and realize that I had deeply gouged a nail with the knife!

Yes, I am a big klutz and uncoordinated, so doing this was no surprise. What was a surprise was that these random, inexpensive press-ons held up so well!

stop stressing over broken nails with the most durable press ons - living a sweeter life blog

Stress no longer about messed up nails. These are tough enough to withstand even the worst klutzes!

The ONLY wear I noticed on these long ballerina press on nails was that after wearing them for 2-3 whole weeks the edges got worn down and become more rounded.

I really prefer a boxier shape, so one trick I found to help with this is to use a light nail file and reshape them back how you see fit.

Also, I NEVER had any of them chip.

In fact, it wasn’t until I had worn multiple sets that one finally ever broke on me, and that was ONLY when I fell and put all of my weight on that nail. Ouch.

They are also thinner and more bendable than professionally done nails, but I actually prefer this. For one, they're less likely to snap in half, since they aren't brittle. Two, being thinner makes them look more natural. And three, I don't have an issue picking up things like pennies off the floor or opening can lids.

In other words, you can live life normally with these.


Like I mentioned, I was able to file and reshape these!

This is a BIG reason why I think these are the BEST press on nails. I mean have you ever heard of press ons you could do that to? Neither had I!

That makes these perfect for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of removing their nails just to glue on a whole different set if they only want a new shape. You can file these into a rounded tip, stiletto tip, or whatever shape you want!

customizable press on nails - living a sweeter life blog

Because these can be filed down you can limit one VERY annoying issue, hair pulling!

With these long ballerina press on nails you can very lightly file the part that lifts which I have found to help reduce the height of the area that is catching your hair and reduce snagging!

Do you love matte nails? Change these into matte by lightly running nail polish over their surface!

Want more nail flair? I recently discovered that Colorstreet stickers work FLAWLESSLY with these ballerina nails! This is the perfect way to transform your press ons from the classy colors they come in to something stylized for special occasions, holidays, or just for fun!

best press on nails customizable with colorsteet stickers - living a sweeter life blog

Halloween nails! (I'm wearing the Naturally Nude shade with Colorstreet's black lace stickers overlaid.)

Yes, they are SO versatile!


Like I said earlier, I was on the hunt for nails that came pre-colored, and these ones are just that.

best press on nails in ballerina pink color - living a sweeter life blog

Why waste time painting your nails when you can get them pre-colored? This Ballerina Pink shade is so feminine!

This is a HUGE time saver!

I hated spending all that time carefully painting my nails when regardless, I'd have to redo one or two because they still came out lumpy. I'd try to not get the polish on the skin surrounding my nails, but it always did, which led to more wasted time cleaning up the edges.

the best press on nails come pre-colored so you don't get messy nails like this - living a sweeter life blog

Do you have this problem? I sure do!

Then, I had to pray I didn’t smudge the finished product while it took 2+ hours to dry.

Who has time for that?


The other nail sets I tried in the past only ever had about 24 nails in them, and there'd only be enough nails that fit me to get one MAYBE two wears out of them.

Alternatively, this set of ballerina nails comes in a pack of 100!

There is enough in there to find your true fit and get five whole wears. That’s 2.5 months of nails in ONE BOX. When I first found this out I was blown away!

 coffin nails in red wine shade - living a sweeter life blog


So we determined earlier it would cost on average $92 a month for professionally done nails, and to get that done for 2.5 months it would be $230.

With this set of salon-quality press on nails that last the same amount of time, it only costs $24.48
(including a pack of glue).

You'd end up saving approximately $206 every 2.5 months which means you’d save $998 a year by switching to these nails! Plus, that's not even mentioning ALL the tips for the nail technicians you'd save too.

Save $988 a year by switching to the best press on nails - living a sweeter life blog



Switching from nail polish to press-ons meant I wouldn't have to wait for the polish to dry, but naturally I was then concerned about how long it would take for the glue to dry.

I was blown away by how quick it was. In as little as 4 seconds the artificial nail was almost INSEPARABLE from my real nail!


After I was done putting my nails on I was able to immediately start doing other stuff around the house without waiting for anything to dry. It was AWESOME! 



While wearing these, I tried to do everything like I normally would and really put these ballerina nails to the test.

Their longevity, and the nail glue’s durability really came in handy doing simple household tasks like washing the dishes. I was curious how these would hold up if I didn’t wear gloves, but they handled it no problem!

how long do press on nails last despite doing the dishes? - living a sweeter life blog

These nails really did stay on for 2-3 weeks
, despite the constant submerging in water. They lasted no problem until the end of the second week, and both the nails on my thumbs lasted 3+ weeks!

All the other cheaper press-ons I used in the past were lucky to last a week, but this set is the real deal.


When I first discovered these I got them for myself with no intention of selling them, but I ended up loving them SO MUCH I had to let other women know about them so they could enjoy them too!

Here's what other ladies are saying about the best press on nails:

press on nails review - living a sweeter life blog


I myself have gotten quite a few compliments on them. People just can't seem to believe they are simple press ons! After so many compliments and the great experience I had wearing them, I finally decided to add them here to the boutique.


I offer a savings bundle so you can save even more when you get both together.

If you want to read more about these awesome ballerina nails you can find the full details on their product page. And for more information about the best glue for press on nails visit their product page here.

wearing the best press on nails - living a sweeter life blog

When you feel cute because your nails are done (I'm wearing Ballerina Pink) 

I hope you’ll try out these beautiful press ons and end up loving them as much as I do! They really have been an invaluable find and become a staple wardrobe accessory for me.

Thanks for visiting girlfriend! I’ll see you back again soon.

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