Manicure Set for Beginners

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Give your nails the spa treatment with this beginner-friendly manicure set! 

When was the last time you REALLY cared for your nails and your cuticles? With the simple, easy-to-use tools in this kit you can give your fingertips the attention they deserve!

Manicure set for Beginners has cuticle pusher - living a sweeter life

Push back your dead skin with the professional-grade cuticle pusher!

It's perfect for a beginner just starting to dabble with nail care and looking to show themselves some self-love, or for professionals wanting to expand their tool collection.  

Manicure kit for beginners has heavy grit nail file for quick sanding - living a sweeter life

Quickly shave down your artificial nails or buff your natural ones to a shiny finish with the varying file grits.

Pamper yourself today by getting this handy manicure set that brings the salon to you!

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This kit goes perfectly with our long and lovely Coffin Nails. They're a no fuss option for getting salon looking results at a fraction of the cost. L
ook for the Frequently Bought Together section below to BUY BOTH TOGETHER AND SAVE! 



Why spend extra money going to a salon when you can use the same tools the professionals use and do it in the comfort of your own home? Save time and money by doing it yourself, and get your nails done exactly how you want too!

Manicure set for Beginners has storage case - living a sweeter life
Keep all your tools clean and organized in the convenient storage case.



Having your cuticles pushed back allows your manicure to look new and not grown out for longer, so help your manis STAY looking good by using the professional-grade steel cuticle pusher or the 2-in-1 tool that pushes AND trims!


With the varying grits and buffer blocks you can file down uneven ridges and create silky smooth finishes which help polish, Colorstreet strips, and acrylics adhere better and stay on longer.

Manicure set for beginners comes with course brush for cleaning underneath nails - living a sweeter life
Keep the undersides of your nails germ-free!



Nail products won't stick to dirty, dusty surfaces so use the brush to remove sanded off particles after you're done filing. Then enjoy squeaky clean nails even after you're done with your mani by using it again to scrub underneath in those hard to reach areas!

Are you ready to take your personal care up a notch? Get your own Manicure Set for Beginners today. Your nails will thank you. 

  • Manicure Set with 8 nail care tools and storage case comes with:
    • White nail buffer block (fine grit)
    • Nail buffer with 320/400/3000 grits (fine grit) - Buff your nails for a shiny finish or help your polish adhere better
    • Nail brush - Brush off sanded particles and maintain cleanliness underneath your nails
    • Steel cuticle pusher - Push back your cuticles
    • Steel pointed tip- Clean the grim out from underneath your nails
    • Plastic cuticle pusher and trimmer - Offers a gentler way to push back your cuticles and also remove dead skin
    • Professional wooden nail file with 180/240 grits (medium grit)
    • Professional moon style grey nail file with 100/180 grits (coarse grit)
    • Mini pink sponge nail file with 100/180 grits (coarse grit) - Quickly shave down artificial nail or create rough texture for your press-on nails to adhere to
  • Ideal for natural, acrylic, Colorstreet strips, or press on nails
  • Convenient storage case allows you to keep all your tools together, clean, and organized
  • Kit is suitable for beginners or professionals
  • Dimensions: See pictures
  • Materials: Mixed - Foam, plastic, wood, steel
  • Note: Our products are manufactured with brand new materials. As a result, they may sometimes arrive with a leftover aroma of those materials. If your Manicure Set for Beginners comes with an odor, simply let it air, or follow the steps below to disinfect your tools, and the smell will dissipate.

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How to Disinfect Your Nail Tools 

Keeping your new manicure set clean is super easy! Just follow the 4 steps below:

  1. Completely submerge the nail brush that comes in this kit in 70-90% isopropyl for 5 minutes.
  2. Use the newly sanitized brush to clean off all visible particles on the other tools with antibacterial soap, and then rinse them off.
  3. Completely cover all tools with fresh 70-90% isopropyl in a bowl for 30 minutes.
  4. Take them out with clean hands and allow them to fully dry before storing.

With your metal tool you can use the same approach or boil it in water for 20 minutes.


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  • Return & Refund

    We know buying online can be scary, but it doesn't have to be.

    When you shop with us enjoy:

     A safe SSL encrypted checkout
    ✔ A tracking number for every order
     Easy no-hassle returns*
     Our longer than average 60 day money-back guarantee

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