Pimple Extractor 5 Pcs Set

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Get rid of clogged pores with the same type of tools that dermatologists use!

Do you suffer from acne? Pimples are embarrassing, unsightly, and gross! You want them gone, but if you pop them with your bare hands you could actually be making things worse.

Popping pimples in this way is unhygienic, and can put bacteria back into your pores, leading to more infections. You could also be causing dermal trauma which could lead to scaring

pimple extractor kit

Instead, clear your skin like the professionals do with high-quality, antibacterial comedone extractors! These are the same kind of tools that dermatologist Dr. Pimple Popper uses! These specific kind of extractors apply even pressure to direct areas without injuring the surround skin, preventing you from causing permanent damage to your epidermis. This 4 piece comedone set has loops and points of varying sizes to better accommodate your personal needs. The tools are easy to use and just as easy to disinfect, which helps you perform more hygienic extractions. If you want a pimple-free face, use what the professionals do! Get this extracting set to work towards a cleaner and clearer future today. 

We recommend using this in conjunction with our Powerful Blackhead Remover vacuum for a little extra help. Ours has a super strong suction that pulls your gunk right out. It comes with multiple different nozzles to suit your personal needs, and it even charges with just a USB cord! Look for the Frequently Bought Together section at the bottom of this page to buy both together and save.


  • 5 Piece pimple extracting set
  • Suits your personal needs with double-headed comedone loops and points of varying sizes
  • Prevents spread of bacteria and more clogged pores (unlike when you just use your hands)
  • Prevents infections and possible facial scaring 
  • Comes in a free convenient storage case for cleanliness and easy portability
  • Made with antibacterial, high-quality, durable stainless steel
  • Easy to use and disinfect
  • Colors: Rose Gold and Silver
  • Dimensions:
    • Comedone container - 5.7 x 1.1 x 0.3in (14.5 x 3 x 0.8cm) 
    • All tool lengths range from 4.5-4.8in (11.5-12.3cm)

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