Best Nail Glue For Press-On Nails - 10 Pcs

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You've got places to go, things to do, and no time to wait around. With the crazy fast drying speed of this nail glue you'll be able to look your best in a flash and get back to doing the stuff you love. 

Best Nail Glue for Press-On Nails with Instant Dry Feature - girl running fast - sweeter life

This glue makes it a breeze to get salon-quality manicures from the comfort of your couch. It's both convenient and time-efficient!

It sturdily adheres press-on nails with an almost instantaneous dry time! So you can pop on your nails and then do the dishes right after or simply go to bed worry free

Its powerful bond will keep your tips cemented in place for 2-3 whole weeks, which means less time redoing your nails, and more time looking cute.

Best Nail Glue - sweeter life

Want a break from boring plain jane nails? Change it up with some rhinestones or charms! This nail glue can do it all, so go ahead and try out the latest nail trends on Pinterest and glam up your fingertips with some fun bling

What if you're out and one of your nails breaks? Don't ruin your girl's night or hot date by stressing over a broken nail. This glue comes in small, pocket-size tubes that can easily fit in your purse so you can always be prepared to make a quick fix!

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This nail glue checks every box
: It keeps your nails on for weeks at a time, dries insanely fast, is easy to apply, and so powerfully potent it only requires a single drop to work. Order it today so you can enjoy less time doing your manicure and more time slaying!

Now all you need is a fabulous set of press-ons! This nail glue pairs perfectly with our Coffin Nails. Our box of 100 nail tips can last you up to 5 applications, and with this pack of glue you'll be able to enjoy a fresh, stronger adhering tube each time you apply a new set. Check it out today.

  • 10 Piece pack of the best nail glue for press-on nails
  • Crazy fast dry speed means no waiting around to live your life
  • Powerfully strong adhesion means your nails STAY PUT for 2-3 weeks!
  • Perfect for applying press-on nails or fun rhinestones and gems
  • Versatile -Can be used on your own natural nails or on artificial ones
  • Each tube lasts 1.5-2 whole uses and can be resealed (Although we recommend a new tube per application for best adhesion)
  • Glue color: Transparent
  • Each tube contains 2 grams of glue
  • Material: Professional grade alpha cyanoacrylate
  • Dimensions: Approx. 2.64 inches (6.7cm)
  • Note: To use this glue you will need to first cut open the tip. Additionally, the label design may change based upon availability, but the product will remain the same.

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How to Apply Press On Nails with Glue
  • Wash your hands to remove any oils or lotion
  • Push back your cuticles
  • Trim and file your nails as short as possible (Optional but this helps prevent your real nails from showing underneath and makes the artificial nails look more fitted/natural)
  • For added glue grip file your nails in ONE direction to create roughness (Also optional)
  • Apply a generous amount of glue to the inside of the artificial nail and then a generous amount to your natural nail
    • Apply enough to avoid air pockets (This may take some practice to see what amount works best for your nail size)
    • Avoid getting glue on top of the nail as it will be noticeable and not removable
  • Properly align the two and press together being sure NOT to place on top of your cuticle as this will later lead to lifting and hair snagging
  • Repeat for all your nails
  • Slay!

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