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Begin realigning your chakra & attracting positive energy to yourself today when you stay hydrated with this beautiful real Crystal Water Bottle!

Are you having issues sleeping at night? You may be needing some Amethyst in your life. Or maybe you're feeling stressed and down. Smokey Quartz could help take away those blues.

healing natural quartz water bottle

Whatever your ailment, this gorgeous bottle with a large crystal prism inside has just what you need.

Not only does it help you stay hydrated, it cares for your mental well-being as well. Drinking the crystal-infused water feeds your soul with its harnessed healing powers, and provides your body the natural restoration it needs.

natural healing crystal water bottle align your chakra glass gym

Even if you're skeptical about the well-being properties (check out the video at the bottom of this page), there is no denying the quality and elegance that this unique bottle possesses. All the other women at school, the gym, and your work will be asking you where you got it because they'll be wanting one too!

Reset your body with natural healing. Get your beautiful healing Crystal Water Bottle and begin realigning your chakra and your life today!

Still skeptical? Watch this:

    Choose Your Crystal & its Healing Properties
    • Amethyst (Beautiful dark purple) -Is the calming stone, helps with physical issues (specifically the nervous system), emotional issues, nightmares and insomnia, balances your Chakra 
    • Rose Quartz (Light pink swirls) -Is the love stone, brings about self-love and love of others, helps repair trust in relationships to create deep healing and inner peace
    • Smokey Quartz (Light grayish brown) -Rids your life of depression, anxiety, fear, negativity, helps you feel calm, detoxes you, clears the digestive system, protects against dangerous radiation and electromagnetic fields
    • Obsidian (Intense solid black) -Is the protection stone, clears out negative energies in your Aura, protects against psychic attacks, pulls out and absorbs your stress and tension
    • Lapis Lazuli (Marine blue) -Is center focused, encourages your creativity, self-awareness, and to speak your personal truth through honest self-expression
    • Labradorite (Gorgeous veins of mixed colors) - A stone for strength during change, raises your awareness, balances your aura, also good for riding you of anxiety/depression
    • Citrine (Golden yellow) -Revitalizes you, attracts success, transforms negative energy into positive, brings joy and happiness into your life, enhances mental clarity 
    • Beautiful glass water bottle with real crystal inside
    • Enhances your physical and mental well-being
    • Keeps you hydrated while you harness the powerful healing properties of the crystal
    • Unique, elegant design adds a look of affluence to your ensemble
    • Variety of prisms/healing properties to suit your individual needs
    • Comes with free protective sleeve
    • Easy to Clean -Crystal, base, glass walls, and top can all come apart
    • Capacity: Holds 16.9oz (500ml)
    • Materials: Natural quartz, stainless steel, glass
    • Dimensions: See picture
    • Please note the following:
      • Received crystals may vary in color due to naturally occurring formation.
      • As this is a delicate glass object, if your item arrives broken or faulty for any reason we will gladly send you a replacement for free or give you a full refund.
      • The materials used to manufacture this bottle, other than the crystal, are brand new. As a result, it may arrive with a leftover aroma of those materials. If it comes with an odor, simply wash it, and let it air. The smell will dissipate.


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