Monthly Goal Tracker

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Track your progress towards everyday habits as well as big life goals!


This printable and downloadable 30-day tracker serves as a bullet journal for your habitsUse it as motivation to build the life you want and as a visual aid to see how well you're doing with the routines that will get you there.

Want to get better at drinking more water, doing your devotions, exercising, or journaling? Use this Monthly Goal Tracker to see how often you currently do these things throughout the month. At the end of 30 days, use it to reflect on how well you're doing, gain insight on how you could improve, and encourage yourself to keep working towards these goals to make them a part of your routines.

This printable can be reused by laminating it or by putting it inside of a plastic sleeve and writing on it with an erasable marker.

It is an excerpt from our How to Adult Course and comes with blank as well as prefilled goals specifically for helping hot mess women get their life together. It that sounds like you, and you're ready to start keeping track and encouraging yourself to build better habits, grab this Monthly Goal Tracker today.

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