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Bring the salon home & get the aesthetics you're used to without the strain on your wallet!

A flawless set of nails can be the little detail that pulls your look together and gives you a boost of confidence, but consistently getting them done at a salon adds up to a fortune! Now, thanks to these Coffin Nails, maintaining your looks no longer has to break the bank.

coffin nails - living a sweeter life

Give yourself the gift of confidence when you get these elegant nails today. No one will guess they weren't done at a salon!


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I fell in love with these Coffin Nails the first time I wore them. I recently ran out, and while waiting for more to come in, I tried out a set from Target. They did NOT compare to the quality, quantity, and long-lasting capabilities of these nails and our glue, not to mention that you can't find 100 piece sets anywhere else! That alone, plus the cost-efficiency of these makes getting them a no brainer.



It's no secret that taking the time to occasionally pamper yourself is important for your well-being. With these nails you can now enjoy some well deserved "me time." Plus, they don't come with the overpriced tag or rough nail tech who wants a big tip.

coffin nails - living a sweeter life


No polish means no drying time. You can be dolled up with a full set in minutes, so leisurely apply these while binge-watching your favorite Netflix show at 2am, or do them in-between business calls to get ready for your evening's plans. 

Ballerina Nails how to apply - Living a sweeter life


We love how versatile these press on nails are! If coffin shaped nails (also called ballerina nails) aren’t the right look for you, that’s okay! These can easily be filed into any shape that fits your fancy, allowing you to customize them WITHOUT having to buy and apply a whole new set.

You can also paint them or use them with Color Street if you want to wear your favorite strips with some added length!

coffin nails - living a sweeter life
coffin shaped nails can be mixed and matched - living a sweeter life


We also love the selection of classy colors you can choose from. Our Ballerina Pink is the most popular with its subtle, feminine charm. Pair these nails with an elegant dress on a romantic date night and you'll be turning heads!

Another favorite that might appeal to you is our Naturally Nude shade. It's perfect for staying within strict dress codes while still making you look put together and fashionable.

ballerina nails in light pink color - living a sweeter life
Our Ballerina Pink color is perfect for wearing in the spring or at weddings!


Do you tend to be a little rough on your nails? Guilty as charged! Luckily, these are chip-proof and flexible enough that they don't break. Plus, they are thin enough to be lightweight and look natural. Who wouldn't want to look like a natural beauty?

coffin shaped nails - living a sweeter life


While other press on sets only come with enough nails to do your manicure one time, this box comes with 100 tips, enough to last you 2.5 months! That's a lot of salon visits you'll be saving on without sacrificing your looks.
coffin nails - living a sweeter life

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You're used to getting 2-3 weeks wear out of your regular salon nails. Well, these beauties are no different. Combined with the best nail glue for press on nails, you'll be able to wash the dishes without gloves on, or open up a can without fear of them popping off. Simply choose the coffin nails WITH glue option to get weeks of wear out of every application! 

  • 100 Piece set of medium coffin nails (with and without glue options available)
  • Gives you salon looking results at a fraction of the cost
  • Quick and simple application (See below for instructions)
    • No waiting hours for nail polish to dry with these precolored tips
    • Perfect for in-between business calls or during the kids’ nap time!
    • No need for an arsenal of manicure tools
  • Boxed set can last up to 2.5 months (Average wear being 2-3 weeks per application with our glue)
  • 10 Different shapes/sizes provide a more tailored, natural fit for you
  • Easy removal (See below for instructions)
    • Perfect for a quick change-up before an event or night out!
    • No permanent damage to your nails, no guilt!
  • Nail Sizes: Mixed
  • Material: ABS
  • Note: Due to differences between monitors, the color of the product you view may vary slightly from the actual item.

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How to Apply Press On Nails
  • Wash your hands to remove any oils or lotion
  • Push back your cuticles
  • Trim and file your nails as short as possible (Optional but this helps prevent your real nails from showing underneath and makes the coffin nails look more fitted/natural)
  • For added glue grip file your nails in ONE direction to create roughness (Also optional)
  • Apply a generous amount of glue to the inside of the artificial nail and then a generous amount to your natural nail
    • Apply enough to avoid air pockets (This may take some practice to see what amount works best for your nail size)
    • Avoid getting glue on top of the nail as it will be noticeable and not removable
  • Properly align the two and press together being sure NOT to place on top of your cuticle as this will later lead to lifting and hair snagging
  • Repeat for all your nails
  • Slay!
How to Remove Press On Nails
  • IMPORTANT: To avoid damaging your own nails never force or pull off your artificial nails
  • Wear the nails for 2-3 weeks and they may come off on their own
  • If your nails do not come off on their own try one of the following methods and when the nail is ready it will pop right off:
    • Soak them in hot water for a few minutes and then proceed to lift the corners
    • Soak them in nail polish remover
    • Soak cotton balls in nail polish remover. Place the cotton balls on each nail you wish to remove. Wrap them in tin foil and wait a few minutes, then try gently lifting the corners again.

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