Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Pen

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Get those natural, full eyebrows you crave without the scary commitment of a face tattoo!

It's easy to drool over the gorgeous microbladed eyebrows flooding our social media feeds, but we don’t blame you if having a semi-permanent tattoo on your face seems scary, or if you balk at the whopping $400+ price tag that accompanies this procedure!

Get full eyebrows with this waterproof microblading brow pen - living a sweeter life

If you're suffering from thin eyebrows or patchiness, this is a must-have for getting those full, natural looking brows you crave!

✔ GET NATURAL LOOKING BROWS: This makeup pen's unique tip draws 4 individual “strands of hair” in a single swipe. So you can stop wasting time trying to draw little hairs or just blocking in your whole brow and having it look fake! No one will guess your eyebrows didn't grow there!
how to use a microblading eyebrow pen - living a Sweeter Life


✔ KEEP YOUR BROWS ON: Tired of your eyebrows “melting” off with the humidity or during a hot yoga class? These pens are amazingly smudge-proof and sweat resistant so you don’t have to worry about them fading right in the middle of a hot date. It’s a girl’s dream!

waterproof microblading brow pen - living a sweeter life

✔ CREATE ANY TYPE OF BROW YOU WANT: For thinner or thicker brows just adapt how you apply the pen. For adding fullness, swipe all four points at once. For thinner eyebrows just turn the pen on its side. 

microblading eyebrow tattoo pen - living a sweeter life
✔ SAVE TIME GETTING READY: This pen is super easy to use, quick to apply, and dries so fast that it's water-resistant in SECONDS! Plus, with the 4 tipped applicator helping you, you'll have your eyebrows on fleek and be Instagram ready before you know it.


 IT'S A MUST-HAVE BEAUTY PRODUCT: This pen checks all the boxes of a woman's favorite beauty item. It saves you time, money, and is basically life-changing! Save yourself from embarrassment over hopelessly thin, patchy brows and finally enjoy the natural-looking, long-lasting eyebrows of your dreams!  

  • Microblading eyebrow tattoo pen
  • Helps you instantly feel more confident and put together with Instagram-worth results
  • Creates thin streaks that mimic the look of real hair so your brows look so natural no one will guess they didn't grow there!
  • Saves you time getting ready by 4x every stroke you make with a unique 4 tip pen design
  • Saves you a fortune by giving you microblading salon-looking results right at home
  • Helps you look cute without the commitment of getting a scary face tattoo
  • Incredible sweat and smudge-proof formula lets you enjoy life without worrying about your brows disappearing
  • Easy to use application is beginner friendly (See simple 3 step process below) 
  • Suitable for every type of eyebrow:
    • For thin brows turn it on its end for a single, fine point of contact
    • For thick brows apply all 4 tips for broad application
  • Variants:
    • Light brown
    • Medium brown
    • Reddish-Brown
    • Grayish-Black
  • Please note the following:
    • Due to differences between monitors, the color of the product you view may vary slightly from the actual item.
    • It is very important to always perform a skin allergy test prior to putting products on your face. We recommend testing a small area on your hand to monitor your skin's reaction first.
    • It is common for felt-tipped pens to run dry when not stored properly. If yours is dry or arrived dry, please see instructions below on how to revive it.

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How to Use a Microblading Eyebrow Pen

To use your new Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Pen simply follow the suggestions below or watch the video, and have fun experimenting to see what works best for you!

Note: For best results use on clean, dry skin. The ink will not stay well if applying to oily skin.

how to use a microblading eyebrow pen - living a sweeter life

Pressing the pen lightly to your skin will give finer, lighter lines and vice versa.

How to Revive a Felt Tip Makeup Pen

Note: All felt-tipped pens, to include markers, eyeliners, or even this Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo Pen, will dry out if not stored properly. To prevent this always store your felt-tipped pen with the tip down.

If your pen is new and arrived dried out, it could simply have been shipped upside down or on its side.


Follow these steps or watch our video below:

  1. Put on plastic disposable gloves or simply get out two trash bags to protect your hands
  2. Stand over your sink or somewhere that you can wipe down any mess that might occur
  3. Using one hand gently pull out the four little dried out points
  4. You will find that the "wicks" are rather long and unattached to each other so do your best to not drop them
  5. Turn them around so that the ends that were inside the bottle are now on the outside
  6. Push them back in slowly and gently to the varying lengths of your liking (all the same length or at an angle)
  7. Your pen should be revived and ready to apply again!
  8. Be sure to put the lid on tight and store facing down after use


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  • Return & Refund

    We know buying online can be scary, but it doesn't have to be.

    When you shop with us enjoy:

     A safe SSL encrypted checkout
    ✔ A tracking number for every order
     Easy no-hassle returns*
     Our longer than average 60 day money-back guarantee

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