Pet Hair Remover Wand

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Get rid of that clingy, hard to clean up pet hair easily & quickly.

Do you want a clean house, but instead your home looks like a fur bomb went off? Your pet's hair just seems to get everywhere. It pokes you and makes you itch while making your clothes and house look unkempt. Stop this endless and frustrating battle with this handy pet hair removal wand that uses static electricity to instantly de-cling hair.

It is a must-have for pet owners! Not only does it clean up fur though. It also works on lint, dandruff, and dust as well. It makes your life easier as it can be used on any kind of fabric, and it instantly cleans itself when you put it back into its container! This wand even saves you money as you can keep re-using it, unlike one-use lint rollers.

When you get this, you will also receive a free mini travel wand which will fit in your purse, bag, or car console. With it you'll be prepared for any board meetings or special dates because you won't get caught with embarrassing pet hair all over you! Get these convenient pet hair removal wands and end your battle with fur!


  • Pet hair remover wand
  • Uses static electricity to quickly and effortlessly de-shed
  • Works on all types of fabric and picks up lint, dandruff, and dust too
  • Eco-friendly wand can be used repeatedly with no waste
  • Large, double sided contact allows for a faster clean
  • Brush self-cleans when put back into its own container
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Comes with free convenient mini de-shedder for on-the-go use
  • Dimensions: See picture
  • Materials: ABS and polyester
  • Note: Our products are manufactured with brand new materials. As a result, they may sometimes arrive with a leftover aroma of those materials. If your hair remover wand comes with an odor, simply let it air, and the smell will dissipate.

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