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Feel more attractive instantly when you slip on this trainer that shaves inches off your waist! 

waist trainer before and after - living a sweeter life

Why wait for months at the gym or spend thousands of dollars for an invasive surgery when you want to feel more confident and attractive now?

Even the Kardashian sisters use waist trainers to help them achieve their coveted hourglass figures. Kim Kardashian said she wore one after giving birth to help shed pregnancy weight fast.

waist trainer before and after - living a sweeter life 

So give your body the little extra help it needs with this slimming trainer that holds in your stomach while still highlighting your beautiful curves.

It is comfortable enough that you can wear it all day long, like Kim did. And the breathable material allows you to wear it discreetly underneath your clothes without causing skin irritation.

wearing a waist trainer customer review - living a sweeter life

"This is my first waist trainer and I’m so happy with it! I would 100% recommend..."
-Image and review submitted by customer.

Going out on a hot date? Wear this under your dress to knock your date's socks off. Recently gave birth and have some remaining mommy pooch? Wear this to tuck it in and feel like your old self again. 

No matter where you're going, or what you're doing, step out with confidence when wearing this Waist Trainer a
ccentuating your curves and slimming your waist! 

  • Package comes with one Waist Trainer
  • Holds in your stomach and slims your waist while still accentuating your curves
  • Gives you a lovely hourglass figure and an instant confidence boost 
  • Similar design to waist trainers that celebrities like the Kardashians use
  • Your secret weapon for:
    • Bouncing back quickly after giving birth
    • Looking amazing for your wedding day
    • Looking and feeling great no matter the occasion 
  • Can be worn discreetly underneath clothes
  • Material is breathable, and will not irritate the skin when worn all day long
  • Inner ribbing prevents annoying rolling down of the fabric and also provides back support
  • 3 different rows of hooks allow for snug adjustment
  • Easy to put on and remove by yourself
  • Beauties of all sizes accommodated, to include Small all the way up to 6XL
  • How to Correctly Size Yourself: 
    • For Girth: Measure one inch up from your belly button
    • For Length: Measure from underneath one breast to your hip flexor (the part that bends when you sit)
  • Sizing Dimensions: See chart below 
  • Colors: Black and Beige
  • Material: Polyester
  • Note: Please measure yourself utilizing the guidelines above prior to placing your order in order to ensure you receive the correct size for your figure. Additionally, please be aware that our products are manufactured with brand new materials. As a result, they may sometimes arrive with a leftover aroma of those materials. If your new Waist Trainer comes with an odor, simply wash it and let it air, and the smell will dissipate.
Sizing Chart
Waist Trainer sizing chart for Living a Sweeter Life

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