How to Adult: Get Off the Hot Mess Express 30 Day Course

Are you feeling overwhelmed with life?

Always behind, always stressed, always... a hot mess? How does everyone else do everything and do it so well?

Our 30 day guide for women How to Adult: Get Off the Hot Mess Express is designed to put you back in the driver's seat of your own life so you can take control and not feel so lost in the chaos.

How to adult - Get off the hot mess express - 30 day course by living a sweeter life


You'll complete daily, compounding tasks formulated to bring balance and improved living to every area of your life. 

This manual focuses on hot mess "problem areas." Would you or any of your girlfriends describe you as:

  • Being chronically late - People have to tell you things start an hour early
  • Forgetting things all the time - Like forgetting to buy a birthday present until it's too late or forgetting where you put your keys for the millionth time
  • Constantly feeling overwhelmed and stressed out - Is adulting kicking your butt?
  • Having a messy home, messy car, and looking messy too! - You can't have friends over because they'd be horrified if they saw how you live!
  • Having no money in the bank or overdraft fees - You work hard but aren't entirely sure where your money went. Card declined.
  • Dealing with late notices and overdue bills - You forgot to pay the bills, again!
  • Just plain not having your stuff together! 

If you're looking for a straight forward, step-by-step approach to legitimately change things and get your life together, this adulting 101 course is for you. Pre-order your copy today! 

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